Application Development & Maintenance (ADM)

Application Development and Maintenance (AD &M) is our specialized service which is sure to improve your return on Healthcare IT expenditure.

AD &M has grown thick and fast in last few years owning to difference in labor cost in different countries. This has reduced onetime cost and operational cost in the range of 20%-40% for companies. AD & M is simply developing new applications and maintaining existing ones.

It remains a challenge for organizations to know exactly when to launch new applications or upgrade existing ones in order to minimize its operating costs. This is where can help you. We offer development, implementation and ongoing management of applications which can be customized based on your requirement. Our prime goal is satisfying clients with a focus on cost efficiency and quality. With ever changing technology world, keeping pace with changing environment is utmost important for survival. Keeping this in mind, we offer solutions in Healthcare IT spectrum in two forms:

  • We develop the entire application starting from designing, analyzing, implementing, testing and integrating of applications.
  • We also have the facility where our in-house trained professionals work side by side with our client team so as to deliver the exact desired application i.e. performing the entire process of application building in front of you.
Some of our AD & M service line is as follows:

Why for AD & M services?’s experienced technology team ensures the following benefits for clients:

  • Cost cutting in the form of minimizing capital expenditure, fixed infrastructure cost and operational cost
  •  Improve performance by proper allocation of internal resources who can focus on core business processes
  • Improvements in product quality and productivity
  • Keeping pace with rapidly changing business and technology landscape
  • Providing long term support to your business line
  • Tension free in the sense that we will upgrade our technology based on market demand
  • Increase efficiency by consolidating and centralizing functions
  • Provision to access of specialized project management and consultation skills which can provide high-quality services
  • Speeding up the entire process

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