June, 2012

Accounts Receivable Management Services

HealthTechnolgy.com can handle your entire medical billing process- promptly, perfectly and professionally. Medical Billing AR (accounts receivable) has to be managed efficiently to ensure maximum reimbursement, accelerate revenue and increase cash flow. Some of the Accounts Receivable Management Services we provide are as follows: Insurance Follow up Denial Management Appeals for Denied Claims Patients Follow [...]


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Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue Cycle Management Services HealthTechnolgy.com’s comprehensive solutions in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) increases and streamlines compliance while saving hospital money. Our proven capabilities accelerate your revenue cycle to increase your productivity, speed payments, decrease costs and improve patient service. In addition, our experienced health-care team analyzes Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and claims and acts immediately [...]


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Why Online Insurance / Web based Insurance?

Why Online Insurance / Web based Insurance? Insurance has largely been a personalized business but with adoption of technology and increased security, the online insurance business has proliferated. Increased number of tech-savvy clients with limited time at disposal makes web-based insurance a lucrative proposition. Almost all kinds and forms of insurance could be purchased on [...]



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HealthCare Marketing – Product Development by HealthTechnolgy.com

HealthCare Marketing – Product Development & Marketing by HealthTechnolgy.com We are not only expert Technology Services & Outsourcing firm but also have built a niche in HealthCare Marketing particularly around “Product Development”. In the current world of social marketing, SaaS model delivery of services hold KEY to your success. For guaranteed outcomes, you could reach [...]


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Insurance Outsourcing – 7 Key Areas to Outsource Today

Insurance Outsourcing – 7 Key Areas to Outsource Today Today, there is ever growing pressure on CEO’s of Health Plans & Insurance Carriers to cut-cost and increase revenue for share-holders while enhancing better customer experience for policy-holders. The debate is always ON about in-house management of workflows & technology Vs outsourcing. The fact of the [...]


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