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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an application/program which helps to maintain, manage and nurture customer relationship and improve sales forecast. The success of every business depends on a balanced CRM system. In fact, it has become an important aspect of strategic planning. The decision on customers and market trends can be easily analyzed with CRM and thus can assist in selling and marketing products and services, more effectively into the market. The main goals of CRM are to satisfy and retain existing client base and find, attract, win new clients. With proper implementation, this can enormously help in process and technology flow which in turn increases profitability and productivity and reduces operational costs.

Some of the most common types of CRM found in market today are as follows:

CRM is not new in market with major IT, manufacturing, automotive, mortgage, email marketing, software etc. companies have started using to ease the process flow and maintain good customer relationship. Healthcare industry also needs customized CRM system to achieve the desired results. This is where can help you.

Some of the benefits associated with our CRM system are given below:

Apart from above mentioned benefits, some of the salient features associated with each of our service are as follows:

Contact Management
  • Input and maintain data on prospects and corporate contacts
  • Ability to identify and merge duplicate entries as well as manage a weighted criteria (match % of different fields) to help find identify duplicates upon entry
  • Ability to create and group custom fields to the contact record
  • Ability to search across contact records based on criteria in any of the contact profile fields
  • Record and maintain history of contacts
  • Provide ability to capture source automatically if visitor links to inquiry or application page directly from the web-based communication
  • Assign tasks to staff members
  • Allow staff members to manually enter
  • Allow unlimited storage of data elements associated with individuals, companies/organizations, financial data, program data, etc.
  • Role based access to accommodate multiple departments
  • Customizable/personalized view of selected data for each individual with easy-to-select options
  • Readily accessible help files (online preferred to be able to access the most current information)
  • Enable marketing campaigns
  • Inquiry management
  • Ability to segment database along defined lines to conduct targeted campaigns
  • System to capture bounced email addresses and to provide administrators the option to exclude them from future email campaigns
  • Ability to create, store modify and delete email templates by individual users associated with the various programs to use in email campaigns
  • Provide analysis (by percentage) or emails opened/viewed, links accessed, deleted without opening, or deletion after reading
  • Provide automated communication tracks (as a means of a sales funnel or marketing track)
  • Interface with MS Outlook and allow storage of e-mail messages between prospects/clients and staff member.
  • Record various types of contacts with prospects and clients including email, telephone, mail, visits, face-to-face, etc.). Automatically record sent and received emails from clients/prospects
  • Allow users to opt-in to receive regular notices about specific offerings, general offerings, newsletters, or all available electronic or mail materials
  • Offer communications options through social networks i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter.
  • Allow staff to communicate with prospects through one-to-one chat
  • Ability to create ad hoc, secure, online registration forms for special events, conferences and forums by linking to existing websites
  • Ability to import registrants for upcoming conference or event from standard formats (e.g. Xls, csv, etc.).
  • Create categories for a registrant and conference which define stages in the workflow process.
  • Automatically update registrant status based on defined events (e.g., complete specified portions of registration)
  • Easily select and manipulate data (select, sort, filter) based on individual data elements, categories, statuses, workflow, etc. All data fields, including user-defined fields, could be retrieved via query
  • Create data subsets, ability to sort data in a number of ways, total and sub-total, etc.
  • Export data in standard formats
  • Create and save queries for applications, events, etc.
  • Create, save and modify aesthetically pleasing reports based on queries
  • Ability to customize reports with logos
  • Ad hoc reporting- ability to query data and generate reports to support workflows and decision making.
  • Standard, modifiable reports (participant rosters, financials, current leads, etc. should be included in initial package.
  • All queries are run in real-time, so all reports reflect the most up-to-date information
Technical Specifications
  • Hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.
  • Web browser interface is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Able to export all data in a variety of standard formats
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Security and integrity of the application and infrastructure through supporting policies and procedures
  • Disaster recovery plan / procedure ready.
  • Guarantee of uptime and/or records of a >99% uptime
Maintenance and support
  • Ongoing software updates and upgrades
  • Ability to apply patches without bringing down the system
  • Flexibility and configuration control
  • 24X7 Technical Help Desk

We can help you with customized CRM system based entirely on your requirements which is sure to benefit you with the above mentioned points. Our system is based on three groups. The first is Contact Management which helps companies to keep a track of all customer base and activities related to them. The second group being Sales Force Automation (SFA) which includes all the features of Contact Management in addition to features related to sales data. The third is CRM itself which is based on the features of first two along with ability of tracking invoices, integrating accounting, organizing order information, etc, etc...

Lastly, we can add that sales will remain the largest contributor (around 70%) in CRM while marketing and servicing segments have weaker penetrations but are expected to experience higher growth. About half of the sales revenue within CRM market is contributed by, which maintains its leadership in CRM SaaS market. Some of the bigger IT organizations are heavily investing in developing and acquiring on demand solutions. will remain focused in providing out of the box CRM system in healthcare domain.


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