Employee Benefit Services

Employee Benefit Services (EBS) is one the latest addition to healthcare insurance business. Employee satisfaction is perhaps the most important parameter around which the success of any company depends. EBS refers to services over and above the salary provided to employees like vacation, sick leaves, retirement benefits, Mediclaim, discount coupons, festival bonus, etc. With the cost of health insurance increasing every other day and stringent regulatory compliance, it becomes difficult and time consuming to manage services related employee’s retirement, retention and other benefits.

Healthtechnolgy.com’s experience professionals and robust technology can help your business grow and lower your cost. We specialize in Life, Health & Auto Insurance. We have the capability of serving group size of 2 to over 1000 employees. Outsourcing of EBS related work to us will reduce human resource and payroll department data entry work and lower the overall administrative cost per employee.

Some of the benefits associated with our EBS are:
  • Free COBRA and HIPAA related privacy issues
  • 24X7 toll-free numbers available for solving claims related issue
  • Customer service executive can speak in multi lingual language
  • Employees and HR department relieved of extra burden pertaining to issues related to healthcare system
  • Guaranteed to improve employee satisfaction rate
  • Tracking and analysis of issues impacting the insurance plan
  • Regular Newsletters to employees informing them of Health Insurance information
  • Provision of on-line administration
  • Sending Plan Descriptions and Medicare Disclosure letters to employees to keep them in compliance with the Department of Labor
  • Time and cost saving for all concerned party

EBS has grown tremendously in the last few years and is expected to grow and expand. The number of companies providing EBS has also grown thick and fast but there are considerable variations in the services that are being offered by different companies. But the prime aim of all EBS companies is to provide employee satisfaction in the form of welfare and security.  

We take pride in saying that we have the ability to balance cost with comprehensive coverage. Click here to learn more.


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