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The Web has seen dramatic changes over the years and it continues to be modified with every passing day due to advancement in technological innovation. A web portal is one among many innovations in web today.

Web portal is basically a website that functions as a point of access to information found on the Internet. These are designed for the purpose of transforming and sharing the information from diverse sources among people residing at different parts of the world.

A web portal has some great features which include SEO, e-mail, stock prices, information, databases, entertainment and local, regional, and national news. Apart from these, Portals gives a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases, ability to set up a customized user page that provides instant access to weather reports, etc. It helps companies in improving their sales volume and customer satisfaction.

In today’s market, we generally come across the following types of web portals:
  • Personal portals
  • News portals
  • Government web portals
  • Cultural Portals
  • Corporate web portals
  • Stock portals
  • Doctors, Health & Medical Web Portal
  • Search portals
  • Tender's portals
  • Hosted web portals
  • Domain-specific portals

Some web portals require personal information for logging in and thus help to categorize the information so that it can be easier for the users to access these portals and helps in preventing the information from getting lost and saves a lot of time of user as well.

Healthtechnolgy.com can help in setting up web portals specially related to Doctors, Health & Medical Web Portal. Some of the common benefits associated with our set up are as follows:

  • assisting in locating technologies available from various sources
  • information regarding salient technologies of healthcare sectors
  • assisting in  R&D which enables in marketing the product, services, etc
  • information regarding the policy and legal framework applicable to setting up of various types of business enterprises in healthcare segment

In times to come, web portals will be in evolving mode due to the development happening in Internet technology. We are sure to see many features added to the existing set up which may well arise due to the increasing customer demand and the dependence of business houses in services provided through internet.

Healthtechnolgy.com has the capacity to deliver powerful and flexible system needed to survive in today's competitive and fast moving technology world with its distinctive products.


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